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Our community website was developed by Families of Glen Meadows Assoc to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Neighborhood News ~
If you have been paying attention you have noticed the renovations occuring up at the front entrance of The Glens. Per our discussion at the last association meeting phase 1 of our work this summer has been completed!!
  • The trees along Glenview had the old mulch and plastic rings removed - new mulch added.
  • The existing lights were replaced with new LED lights!
  • New lights were added on the middle island and on the trees on Perry Rd.
  • The trees and end gardens on the island got new plastic edging and new mulch
  • The upper gardens on each side had the mulch and plastic removed and new stone put in!
A special THANK YOU to Jamie Meehleder for heading this one up!!
Curbco will be coming in at the end of July to fix some of the sidewalks along Glenview Lane, fix cracks in the road, replace the last 2 drain basins at the entrance to the subdivision and fix some of the road on Lismore and
Verbena Ct.
We have a new Home Owners Association Board!
We would like to welcome Angela Bailey (Treasurer), Kristy Crosby (Secretary), and Maria Taormina (Member at Large) as new members onto the HOA board!
Where is your Dog?
Please remeber its the homeowners responsibility to keep their dogs in THEIR yards. Dogs should not be roaming unattended through the neighborhood. If you have problems with a dog in your neighborhood please speak to the owner or file a complaint with the Grand Blanc Township Police.


  • If you put out recyclables, please make sure they are secured in the bin so trash doesn't blow through neighbors yards.
  • Whenever possible trash should be put out in covered trash cans so animals don't get into the trash.
  • If its windy out and you see a neighbors trash can, recycle bin, or can lids blowing around please help them out and put them in a secured place by their home.
  • If you see trash in your yard or blowing through the common areas please pick it up.
  • Please bring your trash cans and recycle bins in as quickly as possible after weekly trash pick up.
Street Lights

If you notice your street light is not on or working properly contact Consumers Energy

via the consumer's website.  There is a form to fill out to report street lights out.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact your Neighborhood Association via this website!

Please help keep us informed! If you see anything in the neighborhood that you think your neighbors would like to know, contact us and we'll post it on the website and get it out to the group!

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~ Welcome New Neighbors ~
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